Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Voluntary (Country/Confederacy/Commonwealth/Society) of TBD

I'm posting recent Twitter conversations here as a way to facilitate discussion of the idea to form a voluntary country. I look forward to knowing your thoughts!

libertysnippet, April 14, 2009 19:42 PDT. 
Idea: start a voluntary country today. Region: known universe. Opt out OK. Goal: protect members from all forms tyranny. Who's w/me? #tlot

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  1. libertypile, April 14, 2009 22:14 PDT.
@libertysnippet why would you want to start a country? countries imply governments :P #tlot

    libertysnippet, April 14, 2009 23:23 PDT.

    @libertypile Thanks- good question. Absolutely no govt- 100% voluntary, could opt out. By country I mean community org, not chaos. #tlot


libertysnippet, April 14, 2009 23:29 PDT.

    @libertypile "neighborhood watch on steroids" agreements 4 mutual protection & DROs, EMS, service providers. +No taxes! #tlot

    libertypile, April 14, 2009 23:32 PDT.
@libertysnippet I getcha. Let me know when you've picked a place... :)


libertysnippet, April 14, 2009 23:43 PDT.

    @libertypile @georgedonnelly and I discussing potential for a "Voluntary Republic of NH" - I agree "known universe" a little big. :) #tlot


libertysnippet, April 14, 2009 23:44 PDT.

    @libertypile Where do you live? I'm thinking of moving to NH in ~1 year. Thanks so much for your comments!! #tlot


libertysnippet, April 15, 2009 00:46 PDT.

    RT @leahita "Where liberty dwells, there is my country." ~Benjamin Franklin~ #tlot #liberty

    georgedonnelly, April 15, 2009 06:42 PDT.

    RT @libertysnippet Idea: start voluntary country. Region: known universe. Opt out OK. Goal: protect members fr tyranny. Who's w/me? #tlot

    nothirdsolution, April 15, 2009 approx. 9 am PDT.

    @georgedonnelly I want to join your country! #tlot


georgedonnelly, April 15, 2009 09:18 PDT.

    @nothirdsolution heheh . welcome! well it's @libertysnippet 's idea Maybe she's got a sign up form? #tlot #voluntaryism


libertysnippet, April 15, 2009 approx. 12:30 PDT.

    @georgedonnelly @nothirdsolution Please help develop voluntary country idea at: #tlot #voluntaryism

    bradspangler, April 15, 2009
@libertysnippet For what it's worth, what you're describing isn't a republic. It might be a commonwealth, though, and maybe a confederacy.

    @libertysnippet Basically, a syndicate of DRO's w/ agreed upon standards.

    My reply to Brad, April 15, 2009
    @bradspangler Thanks! I agree but like country term since resonates w/my friends. Do you have ideas for what to call this "country"? #tlot

    Brad's reply to me, April 15, 2009
@libertysnippet Personally, I don't like the idea of using statist terminology as it obscures essential theory IMO. Your mileage may vary.

    peacechicken, April 15, 2009
@libertysnippet How about a country with Founding Mothers instead, let's see how that turns out vs. a male-driven system.

    My reply to Laura (peacechicken) April 15, 2009
@peacechicken Does that mean you're volunteering? Welcome, Laura! #tlot #voluntaryism

    aretepraxis April 15, 2009
@libertysnippet I like voluntary society better. Leave the country concept out of it. #voluntaryism #tlot

    mikegogulski, May 12, 2009
    hereby declares revocable solidarity with the voluntary country of @libertysnippet Found urs today! #anarchy #tlot #tvot

    My reply to Mike, May 12, 2009
    Thank you~ for understanding me, for your solidarity, for not picking on what I call things, for making my day :)